The Nest Festival

Through wind and rain and from dusty hot beginnings the elements of Snake, House and totem stand in the Park area of Adliya, Bahrain. 

It is joyful to sit and watch the local children squeal with delight as they climb and clamber up the play house; swinging from the high knotted rope and hanging over the second floor ramparts, unhindered by the Uks’ petty health and safety regulations. 

Meanwhile, adults of mixed origins sit together drinking Karacks while watching short films on the open air screen. The glow of the snaking element casts a soft light on the crowd below as it shudders in the warm breeze. 

The melting pot, reflected in the illuminated houses of the global village are expressed in the heart of the Bahraini playhouse where fragments of symbolic translucent acrylic sway. Bahrain forever a place of acceptance, grace and tolerance.

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