About Eilidh Middleton 

Eilidh is a British spatial designer and artist with over 30 years of experience in the field of commercial architectural design. She holds an honours degree in Three Dimensional Design from Birmingham Art College. She has worked in fashion retail design during the 1990s on such high street shops as Nicole Farhi, Harvey Nichols, French Connection, later moving on to media workplace environments such as Sony and Warner. 

From 2000 she lived in Lisbon for several years where she worked in hospitality design and design of large commercial projects, winning awards for Best European Shopping centre 2007 for Forum Coimbra, Portugal and Best Office 2006 for BP HQ Lisbon as well as Roche Pharmaceutical HQ Portugal in 2008.

Now living in London, Eilidh continues to do design consultancy work on projects as diverse as research centres to loft conversions, to commissioned artworks and furniture design. 

I see things differently.

Delivering beautiful projects within budget gives me a tremendous kick. Often the most inspired designs are born from financial constraint which drives the end result to an honest, pragmatic and sparkling simple solution.

Budgets often get wasted on hiring superfluous specialists, middlemen, subcontractors, furniture dealerships and their endless percentage markups. I prefer to research and cut these elements out, keeping the project money invested in the design itself: putting every penny into the best materials or design elements that can be squeezed into the budget.

I strive to make every detail worthy of the space its in. Architectural details are like instruments in an orchestra, each playing its part in the symphony of the space.

Light is what people don’t see, they experience its effects. When it is well used it can bring drama and memorability to a lackluster space, sensuousness and richness to austere surroundings and clarity to gloom.

Noise is similar, with understanding it can be wonderfully manipulated to give nuances of comfort or excitement. When acoustics in design are ignored noise can become jarring and jagged making what would otherwise be an attractive space become stress inducing and intolerable to stay in.

My challenge is to keep the built design faithful to the initial concept agreed with the client. 

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