About my Art

Art in a gallery can often be intellectually intimidating. A considerable percentage of the public have never entered an Art Gallery, so placing my work in the landscape allows it to be encountered by many people that would otherwise not engage with art. It is a gift to them.

I start any piece from the inside out in layers; building the skeletal structure first, layers of shape evolve, gather, are added and the sculpture slowly reveals itself. When working in the public realm I construct my vision to create a fleeting installation, one which appears suddenly and just as suddenly disappears.

I’m concerned about the environment; many of my pieces reflect this concern. Much of my work is self-funded and created from low grade plywood and galvanised wire. These are the most economic of materials to use to achieve something of large scale: Even then I reuse and repurpose as much as I can from one installation to embody in the next; practicing circularity and sustainability.

I also work to commission which allows greater scope in the materials I use and allows a permanent, bespoke, piece to be expressed.

Coming from a mixed background of  Art school, design and architecture, has given me a unique ability to work at any scale. With the rigour of measured drawing and scale, a relatively small sculpture can be scaled up to double or even fifty times the size. With budget being the only constraint.

About me

As a child raised in Trinidad I was surrounded by the vibrancy and colour of a tropical island. The sense of excitement this engendered has stayed with me and is expressed in my Art with its themes of nature and the environment.

After Art college I moved from fine art to design, working for world leading design company Pentagram in London; later moving to retail design for fashion brands, Nicole Farhi, French connection and Reiss among others. I have worked with International Architects RTKL & Shepard Robson on projects as diverse as The Sanger Centre (where the human genome was plotted) to designing exhibition stands for Unilever.  In Lisbon I was the senior designer at Broadway Malyan, working with teams winning awards for best workspace design for both BP and Roche Headquarters and MIPIM best commercial centre for Forum Coimbra in Portugal.

Although involved in Art throughout the design years the total shift back to Art, particularly sculpture, was triggered by my move to Purbeck and being once again immersed in the natural world.  The combination of working at Architectural scale, coupled with my fluid drawing ability and computer drawing skills, has given me a unique ability to visualise, construct and deliver large scale installations and sculptures.

I’m passionate about taking an issue, frequently environmental, and bringing it to the public through Art. I like to work mainly with pop-up installations, and the larger the better.  Why?  Because more people will see them. 

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